Department of Physics

Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

The Department offers one (1) Academic Programme viz:


Physics is a fundamental science. It is essential for all sciences and vital for modern technology. Physics deals with the concept of space, time and motion; conservation principles; fields, waves and quanta. The specialized areas of physics include Astrophysics, Computational Physics, Theoretical Physics Experimental Physic, Geophysics, Industrial Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Medical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Biophysics, Solar Energy Physics, among others. The Department of Physics offers courses in most of the above areas of Physics and the programmes have wide applications in such diverse areas as industry, government, educational institutions, meteorology and aeronautics, metallurgy and mining, and other fields of engineering, medicine, business and agriculture.

Objectives and Scope of the Department

The aim of the Department of Physics is to offer programmes designed to impact a sound knowledge of all branches of physics to the students. Courses are offered in mechanics and properties of matter, thermal physics, waves, electromagnetism and electronics, solar energy physics, atomic and nuclear physics. Experimental, intellectual and mental training for a successful career in physics.

The objectives of the Department are:

  • Physics is an intellectual adventure that inspires young people and expands the frontiers of our knowledge about nature.
  • The study of physics helps to generate the fundamental knowledge needed for the future technology advance that will continue to drive the economic engines of the world.
  • It is an important element in the education of chemists, engineers, computer scientist as well of other physical and biological sciences.
  • The study of physics enhances our understanding of other disciplines such as earth, agricultural, chemical, biological, environmental sciences etc.

Job Opportunities

Successful graduates of the above degree programmes are well equipped for postgraduate studies and teaching in the relevant subjects. Their training also prepares them for careers in Government Departments, e.g. Meteorology, Geological Survey, National Standard organization; in Industrial research Establishments e.g. FIIRO, PRODA ; in Oil, Steel and other industries; and in commercial and technical firms needing the services of a Physicist.

Admission Requirements for UME

Entrance candidates for admission into the Department, in addition to possessing the Minimum University requirements, must have passed the West African School Certificate Examination, Senior School Certificate Examination or in an equivalent examination with credits in Physics and Mathematics and a pass in Chemistry. The minimum duration of the programme is four years.

Admission Requirements for Direct Entry

The same as the four year standard programme with the first year deleted, except that direct entry students take GSP 101 and GSP 102 – The Use of English and either GSP 207 – Philosophy, logic and Human Existence and GSP 208 – Nigerian Peoples and Culture or GSP 201 and GSP 202 – Social Sciences and Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies.

Service Courses

For enrollment in the service course, students must have at least a pass in Physics at the G.C.E. ordinary level or in an equivalent examination.

First Semester Credit Units
PHY 111 General Physics for Life Sciences 2 Units
PHY 115 General Physics for Physical Sciences 2 Units
PHY 191 Practical Physics I 2 Units
Second Semester Credit Units
PHY 112 General Physics for Life Sciences II 2 Units
PHY 114 General Physics for Life Sciences III 2 Units
PHY 116 General Physics for Physical Science II 2 Units
PHY 118 General Physics for Physical Science III 2 Units
Stress Areas Code
General Physics 0
Structure of matter, Solid State and Industrial Physics 1
Mechanics 2
Thermal Physics and Solar Energy Physics 3
Waves and Optics 4
Electromagnetism, Electronics and Biophysics 5
Modern Physics, Quantum and Medical Physics 6
Geophysics 7
Astrophysics 8
Practical Physics and Project 9

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